Terre Family

Who are we? We are higly romantic souls. 

Eternally fascinated from beauty, always seeking something unique and special and never taken for granted.

Terre Olivastre is a return to something we had forgotten. It is the return to bucolic landscapes, to silence, to research. It is the path that without knowing it led us to be what we are today, something completely different from what we'd expected.

Two graduated young people, in love with the world, music, nature, life. Who today thanks to the intertwining of their hands and their ideas have become two artisans, in these times that run fast and that instead we live in a slow and profound way.

We are joined by the youngest, Marta. She was born among the scents and experiments that accompany us every day.

Terre Olivastre is family. But also the family of all those who help us making what we do completely unconventional.

Not industrial, not made serially, with absolutely peculiar and human characteristics. We are what we are, but we always try to do it in the best possible way, for you who support us and who are the lifeblood of this little big dream.


Emanuela, António e Marta