Candle Care

The wooden wicks burn differently than traditional cotton wicks. And we can make some mistakes that avoid them from burning properly.
But don't worry! Follow our instructions and you will be able to make the most of your candle.
Step 1 ~ take your time
The first ignition is the most important. Tilt the candle and burn the wick in a corner, let the flame spread along its entire length. It may take multiple tries.
Leave the candle lit long enough for the entire first layer of wax to melt up to the edges or at least a good portion of it. This practice will avoid the formation of craters. It may take a few hours depending on the size of your candle.
During this phase, it is as if a memory is created in the wax, which will influence the ignitions to come.
Step 2 ~ useful tips for all ignitions
Always keep the wick short and free of charred parts. By not following these simple steps, you risk having a too long flame and releasing smoke.
Do not keep the candle on for more than 3/4 hours at a time, the container could overheat, risking breakage and the wick being excessively charred, creating a large and dangerous flame.
At the most, extinguish the candle, shorten the wick, let it cool for a few minutes and light it again.
Step 3 ~ the candle is about to run out
Do not let the wax burn to the bottom but turn it off a little earlier to avoid overheating of the container risking breakage.
Use your candle safely!
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Do not move candles with a burning flame.
Keep candles out of the reach of children and animals.

Do not light candles in places subject to drafts or in the presence of flammable objects.